Page link: Vic Harding Killed 1979
Vic Harding Killed 1979
Canvey Speedway Rider
Page link: Canvey's Cinderella Land
Canvey's Cinderella Land
60 Acre Bucket Brigade
Page link: Deputy Surveyor in 1970
Deputy Surveyor in 1970
In charge of oil situation.
Page link: Councillor George Pickett Retires
Councillor George Pickett Retires
from the Essex County Council 1977
Page link: Oil Refinery fight
Oil Refinery fight
The Echo 1973
Page link: The Bulrush Baby Looks Back
The Bulrush Baby Looks Back
Linda Foster in the Echo 1973
Page link: Later Aerial View Occidental Site
Later Aerial View Occidental Site
Tanks under construction
Page link: Aerial Photo Occidental Site 1970s
Aerial Photo Occidental Site 1970s
Roadways/pathways etc have been laid
Page link: Canvey's Model Village
Canvey's Model Village
Destroyed in 1974
Page link: Mary Dallas 1973
Mary Dallas 1973
Chairman of Carnival Committee
Page link: Ted Herbert
Ted Herbert
Canvey's Chimney Sweep
Page link: Knightswick Centre Foundation Stone
Knightswick Centre Foundation Stone
laid by Council Chairman Ray Howard
Page link: Canvey's Knightswick Centre
Canvey's Knightswick Centre
The vision 1973
Page link: The Old Shelters
The Old Shelters
Dated 1973
Page link: Thorney Bay?
Thorney Bay?
Dated 1972
Page link: Thorney Bay or Hole Haven
Thorney Bay or Hole Haven
Wonderful view!
Page link: Zandi Road 1975
Zandi Road 1975
Flat Building
Page link: Taken in 1974
Taken in 1974
But where
Page link: Unknown taken 1979
Unknown taken 1979
Can you help
Page link: Magnolia House 1974
Magnolia House 1974
Northwick Corner
Page link: Thames House 1974
Thames House 1974
Is it Northwick Road?
Page link: Barclays Bank Up For Sale
Barclays Bank Up For Sale
The year was 1977
Page link: Chief Scout Award
Chief Scout Award
2nd Canvey Venture Scouts 1978
Page link: Inside The Convent
Inside The Convent
December 1972
Page link: Canvey Post Office 1971
Canvey Post Office 1971
Surprise, surprise the Post Office is on strike!