In this Area we feature Canvey Island's history including:

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  • Old Films
  • Canvey History
  • The 1953 Floods
  • Clubs, Schools, Workplaces etc
  • Your Memories
  • The War
Category link: 21st Century Canvey
21st Century Canvey
Today's Archived pages
Category link: The Dutch Connection
The Dutch Connection
400 years of Canvey Dutch history
Category link: Your Memories
Your Memories
Residents & visitors memories of Canvey Island
Category link: Canvey Island Carnival
Canvey Island Carnival
The annual parade
Category link: The Casino Horses
The Casino Horses
1946-2010 RIP
Category link: Old Canvey
Old Canvey
Stories of Canvey's Past
Category link: Canvey Churches
Canvey Churches
Memories and history of the Churches on the Island
Category link: St Katherine's Churchyard
St Katherine's Churchyard
Full of pages of Canvey Island History
Category link: Canvey Island's Schools
Canvey Island's Schools
Your Memories, Stories & Photos
Category link: Canvey Farms
Canvey Farms
Pictures and stories of Canvey Farms
Category link: Canvey Hotels, Pubs and Bars
Canvey Hotels, Pubs and Bars
History in photos and stories
Category link: Wartime Canvey
Wartime Canvey
Memories, deaths, conflicts
Category link: Workplaces & Clubs
Workplaces & Clubs
Your Memories, Stories & Photos
Category link: The Oil Refinery Fight
The Oil Refinery Fight
No oil on Canvey Island
Category link: Old Photographs
Old Photographs
Pre 2000
Category link: Old Films
Old Films
Old films of Canvey Island
Category link: Canvey Post Cards
Canvey Post Cards
A Collection of old Post Cards from Canvey Island