Norman Brooks' Slide Collection

This section contains the collection of slides belonging to the late Norman Brooks and passed to by his wife. They are a collection of postcards and photos many will be familiar to you but there are some new ones too. All I am sure will be enjoyed.

Page link: Holmes Brothers
Holmes Brothers
and C M Hampshire, Builder
Page link: Horace Reeds Photos
Horace Reeds Photos
From Norman Brooks Collection
Page link: Labworth Farm
Labworth Farm
One of Horace Reeds photos
Page link: Canvey Seawall and Beach
Canvey Seawall and Beach
Two postcards
Page link: London Road
London Road
Is this a photo or a painting?
Page link: Another Crossing picture
Another Crossing picture
Not very clear
Page link: Where is this?
Where is this?
No place or date on the slide
Page link: Creek Crossing
Creek Crossing
Date unknown
Page link: Help needed
Help needed
What farm is this?