Richard & Barbara Kovelant's Photographs

by David Bullock

In Sept 2007 Richard Kovelant & Barbara Kovelant contacted me via the Forum with news that they had bought an old Photo Album at an auction in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Incredibally these Photos dated back to July 1895 and must represent some of the earliest pictures of the area, just before the railway brought F.Hester and his developments. The Photographer was a W. Mawer.

The Photographs were first published on the forum where they were discussed and Richard & Barbara became friends of a place they have never seen (they plan on visiting this year!).

In these four sections I have published the Photographs with a few notes - the details still being available on the Forum.

Thanks agian to Richard Kovelant & Barbara Kovelant for lovingly and skillfully restoring these old photographs and generously making them available here.

Page link: The Ferry Crossing
The Ferry Crossing
South Benfleet to Canvey Island
Page link: The Lobster Smack
The Lobster Smack
Hole Haven in 1895