The Day Family Photo Collection

We have recently acquired a load of family photos taken on Canvey. We do not know the provenance but it does have the name Day on one of the photo wallets so we are assuming this is who took them. We do not know if they just came here for holidays or if they did move here as many did. If you recognise anyone please comment below the photos.

Page link: The Day Family At Home
The Day Family At Home
Late 50s/60s
Page link: Beside the Seaside
Beside the Seaside
The Day Family photo collection
Page link: The Old Train
The Old Train
Opposite the Casino
Page link: Unusual View
Unusual View
The Cresta Run
Page link: The 'Wild Mouse'
The 'Wild Mouse'
Very rare photo
Page link: Where was this taken
Where was this taken
Day Family photos
Page link: Sightseeing with the Day Family
Sightseeing with the Day Family
From the 1950s/60s
Page link: Camping and Caravanning
Camping and Caravanning
with the Day family
Page link: Is this the Annie Jones?
Is this the Annie Jones?
More Day family photos
Page link: The Concrete Barge
The Concrete Barge
Late 50s early 1960s?