The Dutch Connection

The year 2018 is the 400th Anniversary of the Dutch Cottage. We do not know how or when the cottage was dated but many photos we have show the date 1618 so at some point a decision must have been made that this was when it was built. Did they have documentation at the time? Possibly. By using this date we know the Dutch were on the Island in the early 1600s. They may well have been here before this date. We do have documentation for the 1620s regarding the Dutch and the seawalls.  

So, we know there is 400 years of Canvey-Dutch History. We have on site many pages covering their history. To mark the anniversary we will be adding all those pages to this section under the different centuries they belong to. This will make interesting reading as the full story unfolds and hopefully more information will come to light. 

Page link: When did the Dutch arrive on Canvey Island?
When did the Dutch arrive on Canvey Island?
400 years of Dutch- Canvey History
Category link: The Dutch Came
The Dutch Came
17th Century
Category link: The Dutch Settlers
The Dutch Settlers
18th Century
Category link: Gone but Not Forgotten
Gone but Not Forgotten
19th Century
Category link: Dutch to the Rescue
Dutch to the Rescue
20th Century