Why on a heritage website should we have anything about wildlife?

Good question, but surely Canvey's wildlife is part of our heritage. According to Dowd's Canvey Cyclopaedia, long before Canvey was heavily populated in the twentieth century, Canvey was famous for its insect life with Victorian amateur entomologists coming from afar to collect them.

Please add your stories and pictures of the wildlife you have come across on Canvey Island.

Page link: Sparrow Hawk
Sparrow Hawk
Spotted on Canvey
Page link: Canvey Island and
Canvey Island and
its Wildlife
Page link: The Rescuers Wildlife Sanctuary
The Rescuers Wildlife Sanctuary
Every Story Starts Somewhere
Page link: Canvey Lake
Canvey Lake
Mute Swans and Canadian Geese
Page link: Canvey Island Wildlife Group
Canvey Island Wildlife Group
An invitation to Join
Page link: A fox's life on Canvey
A fox's life on Canvey
Winter 2009/10
Page link: The snow has gone at last
The snow has gone at last
Time for a spring clean!
Page link: Canvey's Wildlife
Canvey's Wildlife
Butterflies, Bees and Dragonfly etc
Page link: Unusual Bee
Unusual Bee
with a long nose
Page link: Swans at a Canvey Lake
Swans at a Canvey Lake
A family outing!
Page link: Canvey Wick Nature Reserve
Canvey Wick Nature Reserve
Photos from Northwick
Page link: Robin's pin-cushion
Robin's pin-cushion
An unusual sight
Page link: Canvey Lake
Canvey Lake
A walk by the lake
Page link: Birds in my garden
Birds in my garden
My feathered visitors
Page link: Mr Reynard
Mr Reynard
My "Foxy" new neighbour
Page link: Canvey Heights
Canvey Heights
Wild Plants I photographed August 2008
Page link: Smallgains Pond 2008
Smallgains Pond 2008
Mallard family