Phyllis Owens MBE 1920-2013

Phyllis Owens MBE is 90 years young. She has spent most of her life helping the younger members of Canvey's population with the Brownies, Guides, Girls Life Brigade and the ATC. She was an active member of Canvey's Save the Children Fund and has spent many years as a volunteer at the clinic weighing babies. She has done so much more than can be listed here but more will be revealed as pages are added in the coming weeks.

We are fortunate that Phyllis has kept many photographs from the different organizations she has been associated with so we have added 'Phyllis' Photo' section below.

Phyllis is also a poet and has written many over the years which we will be bringing to you in her 'Phyllis' Poems' section.


Phyllis Owens passed away July 2013.

Her funeral is Thursday 1st August at 12.30 at St Nicholas Church.

Category link: Phyllis' Story
Phyllis' Story
WAAF, Nurse and MBE
Category link: Phyllis Owen's Photo Collection
Phyllis Owen's Photo Collection
Guides, Brownies, Mother's Union, Carnival and lots more
Category link: Phyllis' Poems
Phyllis' Poems
A collection of poems written by Phyllis Owens