The Casino Ballroom and Amusements

In June 1933 The Casino was opened for business. Upstairs was the ballroom and restaurants, downstairs the amusements.

In the amusements were dodgems, a boating pool, slot machines, House of fun and rides of all kinds.

In this category we have the history of the Casino and many pictures that were lent to Dave Bullock by the Swann Family and reproduced here.

Many more pictures and memories of the Casino can be seen on Dave’s site.

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Casino Letter Head
and Beaumont's signature
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The building of the Casino
Pictures from the Swann Family
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Casino Trains
Yet again the train does not arrive on Canvey
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The Boating Lake
survived from 1935-1953
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Canvey visitors
by the bus load
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Casino Rides
Canvey's Amusements