Archaeology on Canvey

This section will be covering the many archaeology finds on Canvey over the last 100 years.

Page link: Roman Finds?
Roman Finds?
From the Norman Brooks Collection
Page link: Remains of SS Benmohr 1902.
Remains of SS Benmohr 1902.
as found by Gary Foulgar
Page link: Old 'Roman' vase?
Old 'Roman' vase?
Found in Thorney Bay
Page link: Dutch coin c1607
Dutch coin c1607
Found by Gary Foulger
Page link: Canvey Smuggling Days Items
Canvey Smuggling Days Items
late 1600-1800s
Page link: Shorewick Cottage
Shorewick Cottage
Finds by Gary Foulger
Page link: Gary Foulger's Collection
Gary Foulger's Collection
From Canvey Mudflats
Page link: The Vanishing Past
The Vanishing Past
Leigh Beck Archaeology and RHFAG
Page link: The Red Hills of Canvey Island
The Red Hills of Canvey Island
Originally published in the Essex Naturalist 1938
Page link: Roman Coins
Roman Coins
In the library today
Page link: The Philip Johnson Collection
The Philip Johnson Collection
Roman Era Funerary Ware
Page link: Photos of Roman Cremation
Photos of Roman Cremation
Cremation Cemetery Canvey Point
Page link: The Excavation of a
The Excavation of a "Red Hill" on Canvey Island
By Warwick J. Rodwell, F.S.A.(Scot.) dated 1966
Page link: Excavations at Canvey Point
Excavations at Canvey Point
Booklet printed 1982 Compiled by P J Johnson
Page link: Canvey Clay Pottery
Canvey Clay Pottery
Written by the author of 'Invaders of Canvey' Olivia Whitcomb, B.Ed Hons.
Page link: Roman Pottery found on Canvey
Roman Pottery found on Canvey
43AD to 409AD Roman
Page link: Invaders of Canvey Island
Invaders of Canvey Island
by Olivia Whitcomb 1982