Flood Photos

Page link: Norman's Flood Photos
Norman's Flood Photos
From the Brooks collection
Page link: 3rd February 1953
3rd February 1953
Drying off
Page link: Canvey Point?
Canvey Point?
Great picture but is it Canvey
Page link: Reg Stevens
Reg Stevens
Where the wall was breached
Page link: Seawall Repair Team
Seawall Repair Team
Soldiers on the wall
Page link: Cuppa and Comfort
Cuppa and Comfort
at Benfleet
Page link: Anxious Wait
Anxious Wait
Looking for loved ones
Page link: Silent Street
Silent Street
and the clean-up crew
Page link: Dave King Entertains
Dave King Entertains
Page link: Rebuilding the Walls
Rebuilding the Walls
Echo Photo Archive
Page link: Safe At Last
Safe At Last
All hands to the rescue
Page link: The Long Trek to Safety
The Long Trek to Safety
New flood photos
Page link: To Lost School Friends
To Lost School Friends
Fitting tributes
Page link: Aerial View of Flooded Canvey
Aerial View of Flooded Canvey
Can you say where?
Page link: 1 February 1953 8am
1 February 1953 8am
Lunns, Winter Gardens
Page link: Flood Aerial Photo Smallgains Area
Flood Aerial Photo Smallgains Area
RAF Photo February 1953
Page link: New Flood Pic
New Flood Pic
Where is this?
Page link: Vic Barnes
Vic Barnes
During the 1953 floods
Page link: Jones' and the Flood
Jones' and the Flood
1953 photos
Page link: 1953 Flood.
1953 Flood.
Page link: The Red Cow pub in 1953
The Red Cow pub in 1953
The RAF's Operation King Canute
Page link: The Flood
The Flood
As seen from the Red Cow pub
Page link: 1953 Flood
1953 Flood
Sandbagging the breaches by boat.
Page link: Riverside Cafe 1953
Riverside Cafe 1953
Under water
Page link: Two New Flood Photos
Two New Flood Photos
Taken by local photographer Horace Read
Page link: PC Pilgrim and Judy Taggart
PC Pilgrim and Judy Taggart
A different view
Page link: Quacking Good Lift
Quacking Good Lift
Do you recognise where on Canvey?
Page link: Looking North
Looking North
Where on Canvey is this?
Page link: On Tow
On Tow
Soldiers to the rescue
Page link: North Avenue
North Avenue
Flood Pictures
Page link: New Flood Picture
New Flood Picture
Just found
Page link: Canvey Flood Picture
Canvey Flood Picture
Can you place where this was?
Page link: Canvey?
Floods 1953
Page link: Shops in the Flood
Shops in the Flood
Lakeside Corner 1953
Page link: Renamed King Canute
Renamed King Canute
New Pub Sign
Page link: Keep the sandbags coming
Keep the sandbags coming
Mud everywhere
Page link: Soldiers to the rescue
Soldiers to the rescue
You are safe now
Page link: Anyone recognise where this is?
Anyone recognise where this is?
Somewhere on Canvey
Page link: A helping hand
A helping hand
and the cat came too
Page link: Aerial Flood picture
Aerial Flood picture
Thames Crescent
Page link: Three new aerial photos
Three new aerial photos
Around Newlands
Page link: Unloading Sandbags
Unloading Sandbags
East shores Canvey
Page link: Mabel Lewis being rescued
Mabel Lewis being rescued
Goodmayes Lodge
Page link: Where was this taken
Where was this taken
Flood Picture
Page link: Haulage Business to the Rescue
Haulage Business to the Rescue
Family to the Rescue
Page link: Two aerial Pictures
Two aerial Pictures
Where are they?
Page link: Repairing the breaches
Repairing the breaches
Do you know where these were taken?
Page link: Safe and sound
Safe and sound
Do you know who the baby was?
Page link: 9yr Old Evacuee
9yr Old Evacuee
At Benfleet Primary School
Page link: Pets need rescuing too
Pets need rescuing too
Do you recognise anywhere?
Page link: A Helping Hand
A Helping Hand
Where was this taken?
Page link: Army to the rescue 1953
Army to the rescue 1953
Do you know this man?
Page link: Where abouts is this
Where abouts is this
Any guesses?
Page link: Water Water everywhere
Water Water everywhere
You can feel the silence
Page link: Three Aerial photos
Three Aerial photos
Flood 1953
Page link: Miracle Baby photo
Miracle Baby photo
February 1953
Page link: Drying Off 1953
Drying Off 1953
Inside the Haystack PH
Page link: Thameside Crescent 1953
Thameside Crescent 1953
Ray Howard's family being rescued
Page link: Cleaning up after the flood
Cleaning up after the flood
Sea Rangers and Scouts
Page link: Rescued
Children being carried to the awaiting bus
Page link: Leigh Beck area
Leigh Beck area
Floods 1953
Page link: In front of the Red Cow 1953
In front of the Red Cow 1953
Soldiers filling sandbags
Page link: Where it all began
Where it all began
Sunken Marsh
Page link: Is this Canvey
Is this Canvey
Do you recognise the area?
Page link: Long Road 1953
Long Road 1953
Looking West towards the Catholic Church
Page link: Lakeside Corner 1953
Lakeside Corner 1953
After the flood
Page link: The Police at work
The Police at work
Floods 1953
Page link: Waiting for news
Waiting for news
Crowds outside the police office 1953
Page link: Police Checkpoint
Police Checkpoint
Checking vehicles coming off Canvey Island after floods 1953
Page link: South West from Kollum Road
South West from Kollum Road
1st February 1953
Page link: Businesses and the floods
Businesses and the floods
Chambers and Greenglades
Page link: Flood 58th Anniversary
Flood 58th Anniversary
The Norman Chisman Slides
Page link: Fred's Flood Fotos
Fred's Flood Fotos
Fresh Finds
Page link: Fred's Flood Fotos.
Fred's Flood Fotos.
Newly emerged pictures from Feb. 53.
Page link: New rare 1953 flood pictures
New rare 1953 flood pictures
Beach House and Newlands
Page link: 1953 Flood pictures
1953 Flood pictures
Lent to us by Eileen Cutler
Page link: The Alouette's roll in the Rescue
The Alouette's roll in the Rescue
Exclusive photos of the 1953 Floods
Page link: Carol Good's Flood Photos
Carol Good's Flood Photos
From her father "Les Vine's" Album
Category link: Great Flood
Great Flood
Echo Archive photos from the flood of 1953