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history : a farm of 340 acres (140 Hektares) in 1940; mentioned by Morant as being dsf by Sir Henry Appleton in 1563, it belonged at first to the Keybridge Estate of the Dean & Chapter of St. Pauls, London - it later passed to the Hiltons of Danbury and then Henry Wood (at which time all but the house burnt down). It housed 6 labourers in a nearby cottage in 1777. 1881 res.: the Farrows. Permission was granted to Eldon Engineering to run a light railway over the s ea-wall here in 1903 to replace the Hester ‘Mono-metal’ - but it was never done. The last farmer was Frederick J. Leach who took it over from John Harrison &   sold it to Canvey Council. The latter built a sports complex on the old pony-riding   site; and expanded it recently at a cost of £ 1,000,000; location :. Hd, ltr SB/WW

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Painting of Waterside Farm
By Local Artist David Thorndike
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John Harrison, Farmer
Waterside Farm c1898-1926
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The Leach Family
Great Russell Head and Waterside Farms
Page link: Waterside Farm
Waterside Farm
Date unknown