Furtherwick Park School

On 10th June 2008 pupils of Furtherwick Park School were invited to attend Canvey Library to submit their memories of Canvey Island to the Canvey Community Archive.

Thanks to Sue Hampson, Janet Penn, Barbara Roycroft, the Staff at Canvey Library & Furtherwick Park School.

Special thanks to the puplis whos memories are below...

Page link: Furtherwick Park School
Furtherwick Park School
The day of the Lloyds Bank hot air balloon in 1996/97
Page link: Canvey Siren
Canvey Siren
Luke Briggs
Page link: Maddison and Katie's memories of Canvey
Maddison and Katie's memories of Canvey
Furtherwick Park School Day at Canvey Library
Page link: About us
About us
Jamie and Toby
Page link: Memories
Annie and Ryan
Page link: Canvey Floods
Canvey Floods
Page link: Canvey History
Canvey History
Thomas, Jay & Jordon
Page link: Our Lives
Our Lives
Adam & Allyx
Page link: Furtherick's 50's disco
Furtherick's 50's disco
Schools 50th Anniversary
Page link: The Seafront
The Seafront
Our memory by Haydn, Ricky and Chelsea
Page link: Memories
Nicole, Taylor & Amy
Page link: When We Were Young
When We Were Young
Danielle and Ellis
Page link: Our Memories
Our Memories
Lauren and Jordan
Page link: My Canvey Island memories
My Canvey Island memories
Dax's memories
Page link: Canvey Island
Canvey Island
Page link: My Memories
My Memories
Cee-jay & Joe
Page link: The life about Canvey
The life about Canvey
Charlie and Reece
Page link: Canvey Island
Canvey Island
Joe and Lizzie's Memories
Page link: Two friends swimming
Two friends swimming
Hollie and Rhianna
Page link: Our memories
Our memories
Page link: Our Memories from Canvey
Our Memories from Canvey
Jade and Victoria
Page link: Memories Of Canvey
Memories Of Canvey
Beckie & Sandy
Page link: Our memories
Our memories
Leanne & Polly
Page link: Me and me dad
Me and me dad