Great and Little Russell Head Farms

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Dowd says in his Canvey Cyclopaedia

Russell Marsh

derivation: see Rucheresnes;
history: bt by Henry, father of Jonathan Wood, in 1843 from Col William Brewse Kersteman, with adjoinging properties.


derivation: above, as spelled in 1807 inc ‘head’ (headland) for ‘ness’

‘Russels Marsh alias Clerkenwicke’

derivation: as above, 1642 name

Great Russell Head

1881 res.: the Bullocks

Great Russells

history : 1563 Russellhead dvd into Gt & Ltl Russells acc to Morant, when dsf by Sir Henry Appleton; location : BG/WW; connexions : E of Canvey Rd

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Little Russell Head Farm
Old Farm House
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Great Russell Head Farm
Original Farm House