The History of Canvey's sea defences

We have been given a large amount of photos and negatives which cover Canvey's sea defences from about 1939-to the present day. There are pictures of repairs to the sluice gates c1940, which control the flood waters. The repairs to the seawalls in 1953 and the building of our present sea defences, namely the new seawall built in the late 1970's which included barriers at East Creek and also at Benfleet. Although some of these pictures will not be of interest to a lot of people, the defences are a vital tool in the fight against the tides. Without them Canvey would not exist today.

Donated by John and Eileen Potter

Other pictures from their collection can be viewed here.

Page link: Photos of the New Seawall
Photos of the New Seawall
Dated 1981 and 1986
Page link: Kings Holiday Camp
Kings Holiday Camp
Late 1970's
Page link: Tewkes Creek Hall c1982
Tewkes Creek Hall c1982
Looking to the South West
Page link: Small Gains Creek Wall 1949
Small Gains Creek Wall 1949
Bulldozer consolidation back wall
Page link: Labworth 1980
Labworth 1980
Showing the old 1953 seawall
Page link: The Old Jetty c1981
The Old Jetty c1981
Canvey Seafront
Page link: Dauntless Boatyard
Dauntless Boatyard
Late 1970's
Page link: Smallgains Creek area
Smallgains Creek area
Late 1970's showing the 1953 seawall
Category link: Canvey's sea defence repairs 1953
Canvey's sea defence repairs 1953
Various pictures showing the repairs done after the flood of '53
Category link: The Flood Barriers
The Flood Barriers
Canvey's own flood barriers 1970's
Category link: The Seawall late 1970's-early 80's
The Seawall late 1970's-early 80's
The building of the new seawall in pictures