Miall James of the Quenby Chemists

Dated 1982

By Janet Penn

A photo of Miall taken in one of the Quenby shops in 1982. No idea what the story was but three dates appear on the back of this and another photo Nov 1982, June 1983 and January 1985. Do they ring bells with anyone?

An article written by Miall James about Quenbys and published in the bulletin in 1980 can be read here.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Miall James of the Quenby Chemists' page

Echo Newspaper Group

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This photo was one of a batch taken when I was standing (unsuccessfully) for either the County or District Council around 1980. It was taken in the pharmacy at 72 Furtherwick Rd by my Agent, Ken Grimsey, who then lived in First Avenue. Ken had a photo business on the Charfleets Estate. I’ve lost touch, now I’m afraid.

By Miall James
On 08/09/2018

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