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Amazing pictures DAVE, I can even see my grandad used the same WW I army surplus bricks as on RELIANCE COTTAGE.

By graham stevens
On 08/07/2008

Re the photo you bought showing the Market between St. Anne's Road and Gainsborough Road. I believe there was a Barber in the Market called Frank. I have a photo of him somewhere. He had a large white moustache.

I think the Bakers was originally owned by the Palmers & the Stevens but I think there was a falling out and the two Palmer daughters (who looked like twins) opened up a bakers at the Haystack. Graham could probably tell you more about that.

By Maureen Buckmaster via email
On 08/07/2008

Hi Maureen

Yes you are right, apparently although working in the same premises my Grandad and Mr Palmer hardly ever spoke to one another for many years. I don't know why. Eventually the partnership was dissolved in 1938 when Palmer retired. However our family's relationship with the daughter remained cordial. It was Liddy the younger one, who managed a branch shop for JAMES' of Southend near the Rio cinema.

By Graham Stevens
On 09/07/2008

The large building next to the bakers is Ebor House. My. Grandparents, aunt and uncle lived there in the twenties. My grandmother and aunt ran a shop and cafe there. In 'My Canvey' on another part of this site there is a photo of the front of Ebor House with my gran and aunt standing by the door.

By Maureen Buckmaster
On 28/02/2015

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