Canvey Carnival 1982-1991 (pt2)

Echo Newspaper Group

By Janet Penn

Photo:1991 Bojo the Clown an Nicole Swann
Photo:1991 First Steps Junior Drama Group
Photo:1991 Orsett Hospital Float
Photo:1991 Ian Jones in his 'London Pride' Bus
Photo:1991 Spectators Kelly Shepherd and Mandy Williams
Photo:'Show Boat' Basildon entry
Photo:1990 Crowds at Seafront
Photo:1990 Oriental Garden
Photo:1989 Canvey Lifeguards 'Wacko Jacko's Frilla'
Photo:1989 Castle Point Red Cross' Pinochio Float
Photo:1989 Jenna Ostermeyer 'Snow White'
Photo:1989 Phab member Steve Cushins
Photo:1989 Crowds at the Monico
Photo:1989 Mary Poppins Stan and Alison Kent
Photo:1989 'Little Bo Peep' Tara Llewellyn
Photo:1989 'Showmans Traction Engine' Kevin, Colin and Ian Jones
Photo:1988 Benfleet Operatic Society
Photo:1988 Concord Rangers
Photo:1988 St Nicholas Family Centre
Photo:1988 Crowds at the Monico
Photo:1989 Lex Motors Float 'Bi-plane'
Photo:1988 Rugby Club Float
Photo:1988 Canvey Lifeguards
Photo:1987 Southend PHAB Group
Photo:1989 Mary Adams 'Memory Lane'
Photo:1987 'Cheeky Faces' Kym and Kelly Cross with Zoe Wrigglesworth
Photo:1987 Roller City
Photo:1987 Zulus and Queens
Photo:1986 Kevin Williams
Photo:1986 1st Canvey Sea Scouts
Photo:1986 Phil Amanet
Photo:1986 Stuart Ostermeyer and Wayne Joscelyn
Photo:1986 Phyllis Johnson
Photo:1986 Castle Point Academy of Dance Float
Photo:1986 Graham Batt
Photo:1986 29 Club 'Willie Wonka' float
Photo:1986 Ian Jones on the Golden Hind
Photo:1986 Les and Dean Heal
Photo:1982 'Falkland Heroes' on police float 'Old Bill'
Photo:1974 Gillian Went
Photo:1974 Julie Wild
Photo:1975 Leslie Hodder and Court
Photo:1975 Lesley Hodder with Carnival Queen and Princess from 1933
Photo:1976 Angela Wilby
Photo:1976 Angela Wilby and Lesley Hodder
Photo:1979 Julie Price
Photo:1981 Tracy Billings
Photo:1983 Junior Carnival Competition
Photo:1983 Melanie Wright and Jennifer Alterman
Photo:1983 Susan Dallas, Sandra Langlois and Beverly Lambird
Photo:1986 Teresa Smith and Court
Photo:1987 Teresa Smith and Mary Day
Photo:1987 Paula Bolton and Court
Photo:1987 Paula Bolton
Photo:1988 Tracy Gower and Court
Photo:1988 Tracy Gower and Court
Photo:1989 Paula Fiddy and Court
Photo:1989 Carnival Court
Photo:1990 Paula Fiddy
Photo:1990 Suzanne Knox and Court
Photo:1995 Maria Cain
Photo:1995 Maria Cain
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