Canvey Carnival from 1984-1996 (pt 1)

Echo Newspaper Group

By Janet Penn

A collection of carnival pictures taken by the Echo from 1984-1996.

(c) Echo Newspaper Group

Photo:1986 Roller City and the Zulus
Photo:1987 Viking Invasion
Photo:1987 Jacko and Lenny - Canvey Rotary
Photo:1989 Peter Pan 4th Canvey Sea Scouts Group
Photo:1990 'The Shak' a Laindon Western Club
Photo:1990 Haystack Corner
Photo:1991 Karen Woodberry, Suzanne Knox, Samantha Butcher and Andrea Lloyd
Photo:1992 Noddy
Photo:Carnival court 1992, Queen Suzanne, Princesses Marie and Amber
Photo:1992 Mercury Telecraft Workers
Photo:1992 1st prize Contrary Jennifer
Photo:1992 Majorettes
Photo:1993 King of the Castle Alan, Sheila and Ian Jones
Photo:1995 Canvey Lifeguards
Photo:1996 court Louise Pinks, Natalie Steele and Michelle Slate
Photo:1996 Little Animals
Photo:1996 Lisa Chaytor, Maria Cain and Debbie Amoss
Photo:1996 Belly Dancers Group - Nicola Litten
Photo:Jenny Alterman
Photo:Carnival Trooper Florence Hudson
Photo:1995 Flo Hudson retires from the Carnival Association
Photo:1992 Eddie Stacey crowns Suzanne Knox
Photo:1990 Paula Fiddy has an heir at last in Suzanne Knox
Photo:1990 Jean Hague 3rd prize as a convict
Photo:1987 Tricia Smith mans the crew of one of the racing trawlers
Photo:1986 Teresa Smith
Photo:1986 Karen Hearn, Teresa Smith and Maria Rawlings
Photo:1985 New Court Julie-Anne Goods, Kelly Styles, Dana Petty and Debbie Mascall
Photo:1985 Councillor Peter Hurn crowns Kelly Styles at the Paddocks
Photo:1985 Hello Dolly Phyllis Johnson
Photo:1984 Junior Princess Competition far right Debbie Mascal
Photo:1984 Zena Robertson and Peter Hyam. Peter is helping Zena to board the Percy Geron life boat
Photo:1984 Zena Robertson
Photo:1983 Sandra Langlois
Photo:1983 Sandra Langlois and Melanie Wright
Photo:1984 Sandra Langlois and Steve Dartnell
Photo:1984 Eddie Stacey, Bernard Griffith and Sandra Langlois
Photo:1983 Court Beverley Lambird, Sandra Langlois, Susan Dallas and Melanie Wright
Photo:1978 Court Hilary Brand, Rosalind Hurst, Lisa Wright and Susan Culhane
Photo:1978 Peter Owen crowning Rosalin Hurst
Photo:1977 Michelle Morel
Photo:1974/5 Queen of Queens contest. Canvey Queen right Susan Frost
Photo:1974 Sandra Redgate at Runnymead Fair
Photo:1973 Sandra Redgate
Photo:1973 Sandra Redgate
Photo:1972 Queens Float
Photo:1972 Stephanie Morris trys some home made wine 'Spanish Style'
Photo:1972 Stephanie Morris
Photo:1972 Elaine McGwan
Photo:1972 Shirley Scantlebury and Stephanie Morris
Photo:1971 Shirley Scantlebury
Photo:1971 Court Jill Debnam, Shirley Scantlebury and Christine Mills
Photo:1971 Sue Knowlden, Kerry Thomas, Shirley Scantlebury and Sandy Cornell
Photo:1971 Shirley Scantlebury
Photo:1981 Queen Anita Evans and Court
Photo:1981 Sandra Arthington and Anita Evans
Photo:1982 Queen Amanda Fairhall and court
Photo:1982 Queen Amanda Fairhall
Photo:1982 Queen Amanda Fairhall toddlers Competition
Photo:1983 Deputy Queens at the Paddocks
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