Canvey Island Related Websites

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Essex County Libraries - search of catalogue

Essex Record Office in Chelmsford (SEAX) - Dave Bullock's Canvey History site - Gabi's official Dr Feelgood Site

Island Net - History of Canvey - The official Canvey Island Football Club Site

Janet Penn's History & Genealogy Site featuring Canvey - Geoff Barsby's Canvey Website - Canvey Rotary Club - Bus Museum on Canvey

Wunderground - Del Lynch's Canvey Based Weather Station

Artist Lucy Harrison's Canvey Guides Site

"Peanuts" Canvey Memories blog

Jim Shead's trips around Canvey

Ove Arup - Labworth Cafe Designer

Canvey football club Fans Focus

Way of the Rodent - Canvey Island

Smallcraft - Round about Canvey

Youtube : Bluebells 'Young at Heart' video filmed on Canvey

Canvey Views (Current News)

Canvey War Memorial Hall

Thameside Aviation Museum (Canvey B17 crash)

Canvey Parish Office

Greengrid Projects - Canvey Heights

e-gfl Archive Film of Canvey Floods

History House - Canvey

Canvey Lng Proposal

People Against Methane

Threadgold Farms (1953 Flood)

SEAX Archeology - Canvey Section

The Beckwiths of Canvey

Find a Grave - Ebenezer Mather

Canvey Green Belt Campaign

Find a Grave - St Katherines Churchyard

Rayleigh Through The Looking Glass

The Bay Museum

Beyond the point

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