Canvey Vicars

In this section will be details of the Vicars of Canvey since it became a parish in 1881

Page link: Canvey Vicar Killed Himself
Canvey Vicar Killed Himself
A Sorry Affair, says Coroner
Page link: Rev Reginald Chute's Collation
Rev Reginald Chute's Collation
Vicar of Canvey 1927
Page link: The Vicarage c1927-8
The Vicarage c1927-8
painted by the Vicar of Canvey
Page link: Jottings Concerning Canvey Island,
Jottings Concerning Canvey Island,
By the Rev. Edwin Green, M.A., L.Th. Vicar of Canvey Island.
Page link: Rev Edward Bonamy Dobrée
Rev Edward Bonamy Dobrée
Vicar of Canvey in1929-1935
Page link: Rev. Henry Hayes 1839-1900
Rev. Henry Hayes 1839-1900
'Maker of Modern Canvey'
Page link: Rev Watson Hagger
Rev Watson Hagger
Vicar of Canvey Island 1901-1909
Page link: Rev. Joseph Romanus Brown
Rev. Joseph Romanus Brown
Vicar of Canvey 1909-1919
Page link: Rev Edwin Green
Rev Edwin Green
Vicar of Canvey Island 1919-1926
Page link: Rev Reginald Arthur John Chute
Rev Reginald Arthur John Chute
Vicar of Canvey Island 1927-1928
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Reflected Glory
Memories of Rev John A Fleetwood