Date Unknown

Page link: David Williams
David Williams
Canvey's Marathon Runner
Page link: Councillor George Blackwell
Councillor George Blackwell
Chairman of the Council
Page link: Story Not Known
Story Not Known
Date Unknown
Page link: Business Consultations
Business Consultations
Egen Electric Ltd
Page link: Looking Neglected Date Unknown
Looking Neglected Date Unknown
St Katherine's Churchyard
Page link: Canvey Baptist Church
Canvey Baptist Church
Date Unknown
Page link: Chamber of Trade Award
Chamber of Trade Award
Date unknown
Page link: Geoff Went
Geoff Went
No date
Page link: Ray Howard School Photo
Ray Howard School Photo
1940s Long Road School. (Canvey County)
Page link: Canvey Carnival Photo
Canvey Carnival Photo
Date unknown
Page link: Beach Cleaning
Beach Cleaning
2nd Canvey Scouts
Page link: Jack Telling
Jack Telling
Headmaster Castle View School
Page link: Israeli Boxing Team
Israeli Boxing Team
Training at Waterside
Page link: Denis and Joy Nesbet
Denis and Joy Nesbet
Castle Point Councillor
Page link: Councillor Beasley
Councillor Beasley
Globe Helicopter
Page link: Motorcycle Show
Motorcycle Show
Waterside Farm Date unknown
Page link: Bender Clothing
Bender Clothing
Keith Shadbolt
Page link: The Spare Parts
The Spare Parts
Kings date unknown
Page link: Place Unknown
Place Unknown
Date unknown
Page link: Presentations at Red Cross HQ Canvey
Presentations at Red Cross HQ Canvey
15 year long service medals
Page link: Canvey Post Office
Canvey Post Office
Date unknown
Page link: Furtherwick Road
Furtherwick Road
Date Unknown
Page link: Just Before Hightide
Just Before Hightide
Dated Monday 29th September
Page link: Work Begins?
Work Begins?
Date Unknown
Page link: ABC Pianos
ABC Pianos
Corner of Hope Road
Page link: Fred McCave Local Journalist
Fred McCave Local Journalist
Haven Road Office
Page link: Great Photo
Great Photo
But where, when, who?
Page link: Dutch Cottage Museum Curator
Dutch Cottage Museum Curator
Charles Gillenden
Page link: Westwood Road
Westwood Road
Echo Photo Archive
Page link: Milky Bars Galore
Milky Bars Galore
25 years on
Page link: Lakeside Corner
Lakeside Corner
Date Unknown
Page link: Canvey Garage
Canvey Garage
Date and place unknown
Page link: Kynoch Club Shops
Kynoch Club Shops
Old photo
Page link: Army Cadets
Army Cadets
Collecting for South Atlantic Fund
Page link: On Parade
On Parade
Date unknown