Deputy Head of Furtherwick Park School Retires

Mercia Langstone 1979

By Janet Penn

Do you remember her? Are you in the photo? Please comment below.

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I remember her really well from my time at Furtherwick between 1969 and 1974.  Everyone was scared of her, she was certainly very tough.  However, she was my history teacher for a year or two and I remember her lessons were great and really drove my interest in history, which I went on to take at 6th form

By Clive Pitts
On 15/09/2017

I too remember Mrs. Langstone, and her deep powerful voice. I agree with Clive's comment about here being scarey.

By Gary Casson
On 16/09/2017

Cant say I remember the lady but have great memories of Furtherwick Park.

By glenn foley
On 09/10/2017

I absolutely adored Mercia Langstone. She was my mentor when One is my Duke of Edinburgh Award, I looked forward to my one to one sessions with her. One of the original Blue Stockings, tough, strident and so very fair. I was at that school in the early to mid sixties.

By Trudy Begg
On 09/03/2018

I had joined the school having just returned from a naval secondment in Malta with my father. I didn't have a regulation uniform and went to school in a green suade jacket and on my feet a pair of brown Hushpuppy brougues. Mercia Langstone of course called me into her office and talked to me about my lack of school uniform but agreed as my shoes were waterproof and lace up they were approved by her. A few weeks later she was sporting the same shoes...she obviously liked them!!!??

By Trudy Begg
On 15/03/2018