Dutch Charity

Map dated 1793

By Janet Penn

This map dated 1793 still shows Dutch landowners, the Dutch Charity, on some of the Third Acre land. Look for DD, EE, and FF on the map.

Photo:map would be more recognisable if turned ant-clockwise

map would be more recognisable if turned ant-clockwise

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Dutch Charity' page
This page was added by Janet Penn on 02/12/2017.
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In 1910, the "Dutch Charity" land was still known as that name. Owned by a Wm. PEASE. Purchased in 1893 for £270, and further expending £5. The actual or estimated annual rent in 1910 was £60.

The extent of the land appears to have been changed on the Tax Evaluation book from 49ac, 1n, 15pls to 51a, 0n, 13pls.

It was described as 5 pasture meadows (no buildings except a small boarded & thatched shed). 


By Martin Lepley
On 03/12/2017

No not changed much there were three areas owned by the Dutch Charity. Marked as DD, EE and FF. DD is not shown on the enlargement.

By Janet Penn
On 03/12/2017

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