Furtherwick Park School

The day of the Lloyds Bank hot air balloon in 1996/97

By Janet Walden

There was great excitement when the Lloyds Bank hot air balloon came to the school and was set up on the front playground, trouble is, I can't remember why it came there. I think it was in 1996/97. Does anyone have any memories of this event? Would like to know a bit more about it.

Photo:Preparing the basket.
Photo:The pupils are curious.
Photo:Unpacking the envelope.
Photo:Preparing the envelope.
Photo:Starting to inflate the balloon.
Photo:Up ....
Photo:Up ....
Photo:Up ....
Photo:Nearly ....
Photo:Almost ...
Photo:and ....
Photo:away .....well it would've been if it hadn't been tethered!
Photo:Deflating the envelope.
Photo:That's some flame!
Photo:Pupils not that impressed.
Photo:Staff spectators: Janet Walde, Bill Mulhearn, Margaret Hill and Damon Evans.
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