Holton Road Area

New flood photos

By Janet Penn

These are Jacksons photo from the Echo Archive. No date on photos. It states the flood water was at this time seven inches above the bridge crossing the dyke.

Photo:Holton Road area

Holton Road area

Jacksons Photos

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Holton Road Area' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Holton Road Area' page
This page was added by Janet Penn on 06/06/2017.
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This is the freshwater flood of Sept 1968 and it's not me driving the Stevens the Bakers van creating a bow-wave along Holbeck Rd as I'd just escaped through the downpour on Sunday morning towing a caravan on a family holiday to Yorkshire. Fortunately the old level-crossing was still functioning as the new under-pass was flooded to a depth of 5ft.

Could be my Dad or youngest brother Trevor driving, I think the finger of suspicion points at Trev. The location is the footbridge across the originally named Croppenberg Canal (be careful you get all vowels right in the name) joining Elderstep Ave to Holbeck and that's Henson Ave adjoinng Holbeck on the N. side.

By Graham Stevens
On 08/06/2017

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