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Great stuff Dee thank you

By Janet Penn
On 11/08/2015


You na lack of health and safety. I like the photo of the chap by the petrol pump with a cigarette on.




By sparrow
On 11/08/2015

Hello Sparrow,

I hadn't noticed that! I went back to the original and enlarged it on the computer to see it. My dad would often be seen smoking on the forecourt while dispensing petrol. Amazing we're all here!

By Dee Weightman
On 11/08/2015

My ex husband, Tony Buckmaster, dug out the base for the new pump area. His brother in law was Mick Sanders. I'll send a photo of him working on the site.

By Maureen Buckmaster
On 14/08/2015

Lovely photos of the 50's Dee.  Thanks for sharing.

Brings back happy memories of playing in that area.

By Keith Farrow
On 13/09/2015