Houseboat Fire, 17th May 1956, East Creek, South Benfleet

A picture from the Keystone Press

By Robert Hallmann

Further to the Houseboat Fire story of 1956, a picture recently appeared on e-Bay, released from the Keystone Press Agency, New York, that proves how the news went around the world.

The picture states:

Two Women Charged with Murder of Twin Boys

Mrs. Lavinia Clark and Mrs. Grace Richardson

Mrs. Violet Lavinia Clark and Mrs. Grace Richardson were charged yesterday with the murder of twin boys Colin and Reginald Wright – who would have been three on the day they were buried. The children died when the houseboat on which they lived was burned out last May. They were the children of Mrs. Clark.

Keystone Photo Shows:- Escorted by women police officers Mrs. Grace Richardson (right) and Mrs. Violet Clark leave South Benfleet, Essex, Police station after they had been jointly charged with the murder of the boys.

P.S.: Mrs. Richardson was later cleared of all charges. Mrs. Clark was found guilty of manslaughter.

Photo:Interesting faces of onlookers...

Interesting faces of onlookers...

Keystone Press

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