Winter Gardens Coronation Party


By Janet Walden

Information supplied by Valerie Deane.

Life on the winter Gardens was very different from today, we knew everyone.

I have been looking through this photo and have managed to name many, but if anyone can help with the other names it would be appreciated. Thank you.

Photo:click to enlarge

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Valerie Dean

Back row:

Tom Giddings (Teacher at Canvey County)-Mr Elliott-Mrs Jones (my Mum)-Mrs Eves-Mrs Jobson-MrJobson-Mrs Pullen(Capt.3rd Canvey Life Brigade)-Mrs Wooding-Mrs Clarke-Mrs Burford-Mrs Juler?-Mr Murtell-Mrs Connor- Mr Connor -?-?-Mrs Glennie-Mrs Glennie Snr-Mrs Leach-Farmer Leach-Mrs Pullen Snr-?-Mrs Murtell-?-Mr Salkeld-Mrs Salkeld(whose garden the party was in was just off Winter Gardens path)

Left seated:

Annette Furnell- Carol Chapman-Barbara Wooding-Valerie Jones-Sylvia Pullen (holding) Jean Pullen- Anne Glennie-Derek Hall-Billy Russell-David Hicks-Brian Moyse-?-


Sue Dalton-Laurie?-Anita Juler-Carol Godfrey-Bobby Astell-Alan Chapman-Steve Fryer-Jonathon Pratt

4th Row:

-?-Janet Hocking-Sheila Connor-Eileen Chapman-Joyce Long-Eunice Juler-Daphne Long- Cynthia Glennie-Derrin Moyse-Gill Giddings-Jennifer Burford

The Long twins in the picture came to England to appear in the 'King an I' in London.


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