Website upgrade

By Janet Penn

As you may have seen our website is going to have a major upgrade and redesign to bring it up to todays internet standards.

It has taken a long time to raise the money for this. But with grateful thanks to everyone who contributed the upgrade is now happening. We would particularly like to thank everyone who donated to our crowdfunding page. Also a big thank you to .... for their £500 grant. Plus the Canvey Rotary without their large donation we would still be looking for money.

We do not yet know for sure when our new site will go live but we will keep you posted. As far as we know the following should be happening later this month. The website will be frozen while Community Sites do their stuff. You will still be able to use it but no one (including me) will be able to upload anything or make a comment. This is likely to be in place for at least a month. During this time we will be shown how to use the new site. Once we are all happy it is working ok and as we want it the site will go live. 

We are looking towards beginning to middle November to relaunch the site with an event in the library. You will then have the opportunity to try out the new site for yourselves. We will be on hand to show you what is different and answer any questions.

As soon as we have any definite dates these will be published here and on our Facebook page.


This page was added by Janet Penn on 10/09/2019.