Notorius "family" on Canvey

in the 1930's onwards

By Maurice Stewart-Ashley

Hi all

Trying to fill in some gaps of my mother's family.

She was "adopted" by a strange pair of women who moved with their large collection of kids to Canvey in the 30's sometime. I think the women's names were Lucy Williams or Rogers (she also used another surname!) and Auntie Rosie. Lucy was a sometimes seamstress who leased one or both of the old harbour cottages when she had some money, prior to that she rented and did moonlight flits from other houses including a house next to a dairy.

She died around 1958/9 and is buried in St Katherine's Churchyard.  

I believe the kids, especialy 4 of the boys ran wild and were in trouble with the police. 

Any of this make any sense to anybody out there? Please comment below.

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