Playground Long Road


By Janet Penn

Is that the Rio I can see far left?

We do not know what the article was about just says Long Road on the back and 1972. Can you please confirm.

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This page was added by Janet Penn on 12/07/2017.
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i can  remember this park from the late 60s. i think its the area where the paddocks and 1066 bar was built.

By Gary Casson
On 08/09/2017

That's where I believe it to be Gary

By Janet Penn
On 08/09/2017

I'm sure this is the old paddocks playground, or the "rec" as we knew it. I think the photo was shot from in front of the original slide, much higher than its replacement in the shot and the climbing frames were not there originally. There is a short strip of concrete just in front of the swings at the end of the path. This was where the old playground rocking horse stood. The path leading right, equidistant between the swings and the roundabout, led to the tall "umbrella roundabout"

It is the Rio far left. Our usual access was via a path through "the greenwood" which the area occupied by the houses on the right, and over a dyke. On the site of the framework on the leftish, which I assume is the beginnings of the present Job Centre, stood the remains of a barn, presumable a relic of Chambers' farm.

The corregated roofs just peeking over the fence on the right, were part of Fisks' builders yard, just by the junction of the Avenue and the Parkway. 

By Tony Maguire
On 08/09/2017

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