Proposed outlet of Sewage to Canvey Island

The Builder 1889

By Janet Penn

In 1889 it was proposed to run a conduit down from Barking to Canvey Island for the sewage. The following was published in The Builder in December of that year. The following is an extract from the article:

He could say confidently, that if sewage were to be put to its best uses and dealt with so as to occasion the least loss, it should be put upon land. If he had proposed however to make sewage farms all the way down from Barking he knew many people would say he was going to poison all the wells and create a nuisance and therefore he had provided a conduit without saying anything about utilising it on its way to the outlet. He was quite certain however, that as soon as the landowners and farmers saw the value of it, every acre of land along the conduit would be glad to have the sewage and before many years every gallon would be taken before getting to Canvey Island and none would go into the sea.

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