Prout and sons folding dinghy

Photo of a lovely little dinghy

By Lily Bergasse

My father and I have dug out our little red folding dinghy designed by Prout and Sons, Canvey Island, Essex. We were delighted to find this site and to read about the history of the Prout & Sons and their wonderful history of boats. My father too has built a few kayaks and row boats and he bought the folding dinghy for our Folkboat, small enough to go up in the bow and always ready when needed. It now resides in Toronto, Canada and is on hand for Nancy Blackett, wooden Folk boat.

Photo:Red folding dinghy

Red folding dinghy

This page was added by Lily Bergasse on 25/07/2015.
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I used to work on the folding boats at Prouts and had one myself.

The model shown was called the Coracle



By sparrow
On 25/07/2015

how lovely to see your comment Sparrow!

The Coracle...this is good to know.

thank you, Lily

By Lily Bergasse
On 26/07/2015

I have a blue one just like this!  We were actually looking online today to see if we could find instructions on assembling it today.  After we brought it home (bought it off a friend @ the cottage) we took it apart to store.  BrotherInLaw wanted to borrow it to take on Holiday with his family and we wanted to make sure he would know how to put it together again.......that's when our minds went blank!  LOL!  Saw this picture and were able to figure out where we went wrong, all good now.  Fabulous little boat!  When I saw it the first time, I kept calling it "The Coracle" b/c that's what it reminds me of, not actually knowing what the model was called.  Apparently I was bang on!  We're in Canada, so our little Dinghy has made a bit of a trip to eventually get to us.  Which is funny, b/c my Husband and his family are originally from UK! 

By Heather
On 09/08/2015

I could not resist buying a similar blue model last Saturday at a car boot sale. I was only really interested in the well made oars at the time, but the seller didn't want to separate so I bought the lot without even knowing what I had bought. I looked up G.Prout as it had the makers tag. Off tomorrow to check it out properly. It is great to have the history of the coracle and to see a good picture. I have a small cottage on Valentia Island, Co. Kerry and will now endeavour to row it out to Skellig Michael, now of 'Star war " fame.

By John O'Driscoll
On 19/01/2016

Hello! I'm Geoffrey Prout's great grandaughter (Roland's granddaughter). So lovely to see this pic and hear stories of the Prout & Sons collapsible dinghies. I'd love to see one in real life. Despite being Roland's grandaughter I, to my knowledge, haven't seen one. Anyone got one in the South East I can come and take a look at? I'm currently working on a book and would be really great for research! Thanks

By Kate Monson
On 12/10/2018

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