Swift's Hotel??

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was the Kynoch Hotel

By Janet Penn

In Kelly’s directory in 1920 the Kynoch Hotel was still its name, the proprietor was Edward Swift.

According to Martin Lepley ‘the SWIFT family acquired Kynoch's Hotel, Brick House Farm, and the Vicarage in 1919. In 1920 there appears to be some "additions" added to the Hotel (I don't know what these were). They leave 1923 going to Bull Hotel, Wrotham.’

The Swift family confirm Irene Swift was born in 1919 at the Bull Hotel, Wrotham, one of her grandfather's many licensed premises, as was her brother, Ted, two years previously in 1917 and later,in 1922, her sister Betty. From what Irene said, the family never lived at the Kynoch Hotel.

So it appears Edward Swift bought the Kynoch c1919 to add to his ‘many licensed premises’. He tried to change the name to Swift’s as can be seen from this advert and a similar one that appeared in 1921 and 1922. But it soon reverted back to Kynoch or knowing Canvey Islanders it probably never really changed.

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According to the records in the Electoral Rolls that Martin kindly sent to me, Edward Swift and his wife Janie were resident at The Kynoch Hotel in 1920 as were two of their sons. The 1921 Rolls show him as the owner but resident at The Bull Hotel but the sons and their families stayed on Canvey. The last reference to the Swifts there is in the Spring 1923 Electoral Roll.

By Dee Weightman
On 30/10/2017

Thanks Dee he had not told me that.

By Janet Penn
On 30/10/2017