Ted Herbert

Canvey's Chimney Sweep

By Janet Penn

Dated 1979 this great photo is of Ted Herbert. Did you know him? Did he sweep your chimney? Please comment below.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Ted Herbert' page

Echo Newspaper Group

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I was born at my house in Little Gypps Road and lived there 1962 to when I got married in 1987.

A distant memory as more in my youth but the face is very familiar and sure we saw "Herbert" going past most days. Seemed to recall he lived off Cedar Road, but if someone can put me right.

It is a great photo and while not a Canvey "legend", still someone most people recognised even though they may not have talked to him.

By Phil Garner
On 30/03/2017

I remember him well. Not only did he come to my wedding when I got married to my first husband we rented a room with him and his wife. He was a lovely man.

By Anne Roberts née Sheehan
On 08/08/2017

Ted Herbert was my dads Dad, my grandad

yes he was a lovely man!

By Dave burdett
On 15/09/2019