The Alternative Canvey Island Chimney Disaster

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'The Alternative Canvey Island Chimney Disaster' page

Courtesy of Ian Kennedy

By Janet Penn

This is a photo of Inspector Ian Kennedy with Fred Dibnah the day after the chimney came down in 1996.

When asked what was in the box, which had Safeway's label on it, Ian said:-

Long story - I had apologised for absence at a divisional management meeting as I would have been at the chimney felling event. As Fred brought it down a day earlier, I was able to attend the meeting after all and my colleagues thought it would be fun to have a mock-up chimney for ME to knock over. I turned the tables on them as I later got Fred to autograph it. He wrote "Fooled ya! Fred Dibnah. Sept 1996" and I still have it in my possession.

Ian tells us that the year was 1996 not 1997 as we have onsite. We are investigating.

Our story of the event can be found here.

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