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My grandad was leonard Claxton... I don't think he died in Norfolk in 1966? More like tarpots in roughly 1983? It is the same family because I know my family had a removal comPany in canvey and helped people during the floods. I believe my mum had some of the cine films on a cassette and supplied them to a researcher. He also re married my nan Edna Bloomfield

By Laura hudson
On 14/10/2013

It was 1982 Laura. The records for then were not available when I did the piece. The other Leonard was born the same year which caused the confusion. Thanks for correcting me.

By Janet Penn
On 14/10/2013

if you have any other information i would be greatful as i find it fascinating. Leonard went on to have eleven children most of which reside in benfleet!

By laura hudson
On 14/10/2013

I lived at 12 Hatley Gardens, Tarpots, Benfleet in the early 70s. I remember the Claxton Family and played with the younger ones. They had two houses because the family was so large 39/41 Hatley Gardens. I guess their Dads name was Leonard?

By David Rogers
On 30/10/2014

My grandad was leonard claxton he was my mum Pauline's father , yes they had two houses 39 and 41 my nan Edna and Leonard had many children Pauline, Susan, Jill, Jackie, Maureen, Robbie, Michael, David, Jimmy, Lawrie, and Bonny they were a great family I have many fond memories round my nan and grandads. 

By Bonita Byrne
On 16/08/2016

I used to go out with a Pauline/ Bonny Claxton in the late 60/ 70, I remember the 2 houses, you could go in one and come out the other one

On 29/11/2017

My sister Jean worked at Claxtons for a while as a book keeper..back in the early 60's ...all of my eldest sisters furniture came from the store when she got married in 1963

By Sandra Springall
On 05/01/2018

I love reading the history of my Claxton Family. I appreciate all the comments and would like to thank Janet Penn for all the work she has done on this. I am very grateful. Cathy.

By Cathy Bousquet
On 23/06/2019