The Dutch Cottage

Post Cards of Canvey's Dutch Cottage of 1681

By David Bullock

The oldest of originally three (known) Dutch Cottages or Roundhouses, this one is dated 1681. It was occupied into the twentieth century until it was turned into a Museum in 1962. Some theorise these could originally have been mills as normal homes of the period were made of wood.

A second Dutch Cottage remains in the Village at Holehaven Road and a third was in Northwick Road, but disapeared many many years ago.

There are two out of originally three replica Dutch Cottages in the Ellesmere Road area plus a larger replica in Ferndale Crescent.

Photo:We approach the Dutch cottage - Canvey Island
Photo:A very overgrown Dutch cottage but the birds house is still in view - Stamped 1912 - Canvey Island
Photo:Canvey Island's Dutch Cottage was built in 1618 and became a museum in 1962
Photo:Old Dutch Cottage - Canvey Island
Photo:Canvey Island - Dutch Cottage in occupation
Photo:Canvey Island - Old Dutch Cottage with lamp
Photo:Old Dutch Cottage (left) with Bird House (right) - Canvey Island
Photo:Circle of Love? - Dutch Cottage - Canvey Island
Photo:Quaint Dutch Cottage - Canvey Island
Photo:The Dutch Cottage - Canvey Island
Photo:Rare card of the 'Dutch House' Canvey Island
Photo:The Dutch Cottage in Colour - Canvey Island
Photo:The 'Dutch House' Canvey Island - Rare View with a no longer existing path to St Katherines Church
Photo:Dutch Cottage in glorious colour - Canvey Island
Photo:Dutch Museum - Canvey Island
Photo:As she looks today - Canvey Island
Photo:An overgrown Dutch Cottage "1618" - Canvey Island
Photo:Old Dutch Cottage AD 1618 - Canvey Island
Photo:Beautiful Dutch Cottage - Canvey Island
Photo:Pink Museum with Dutch flag & 1618 logo - Canvey Island
Photo:The 1970's Pink Dutch Cottage - Canvey Island
Photo:Hill Farm to the North of the Dutch House
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'The Dutch Cottage' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'The Dutch Cottage' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'The Dutch Cottage' page
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These pictures are a wonder. I would of love to have lived in it all those years ago.

By Tricia Parker
On 11/08/2008

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