The Ferry Crossing viewed from Benfleet

Post Cards predating the 1931 bridge

By David Bullock

Before the first Colvin Bridge was built in 1931 you had to either get a ferry or if the tide was out, walk across Benfleet Creek. This Set of Post Cards feature views looking south from South Benfleet to Canvey Island.

Photo:Ferry boats to Canvey with the farm cottages & Water Side farm (left) in background
Photo:Here comes the tide - Canvey Island crossing
Photo:Another picture from the same place - Canvey Ferry
Photo:Thames Barge at the crossing point - compare this photo with the next......
Photo:The original photo without the dramatic sky - Canvey
Photo:Looking south west at the Ford - Rare shot of the little Hut
Photo:House Boats at Canvey Island Ferry crossing
Photo:The tide is in - Canvey Island Ferry crossing
Photo:Canvey Island creek - Ferry crossing
Photo:1902 with a posssible view of Hester's Tower left?
Photo:View of Canvey over the crossing
Photo:A Bus breaks down in the tide
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