The Oil Protest through Echo Photos part 2

Continued protest and the battle won.

By Janet Walden

Photo:November 1971 outside Canvey Council Offices.
Photo:At a public meeting.
Photo:Oct. 1973 Protesters lock councillors in at Council Offices.
Photo:Womens' Protest Group.
Photo:Womens' Protest Group.
Photo:Occidental site entrance.
Photo:George Whatley and Monty Maudlin. Oct 1979.
Photo:entrance to Oikos site.
Photo:The Battle is finally won. Refinery equipment being removed. March 1993.
Photo:Redundant oil jetty.
Photo:Rusting remains of refinery equipment.
Photo:The abandoned oil refinery site.
Photo:Dismantled equipment waiting for removal.
Photo:1972 near the foghorn.
Photo:Pipes waiting to be removed.
Photo:The Occidental site being dismantled.
Photo:Tanks nearly all gone.
Photo:Oct. 1992. New plans for Occidental site by De Savary.
Photo:The site as it was in 1992.
Photo:Nothing left. Victory.
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