The 'Sketch' Sept. 13, 1893

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in its 'Small Talk' column had this to say about Canvey:

By Janet Penn

'How many, or perhaps I should say, how few of my readers, can tell me where is Canvey Island? I must confess that a few weeks ago I could not have answered my own question, being absolutely ignorant of its existence.

'The pleasures of Canvey Island were revealed to me by two lady artists whose work is well known in several London papers,and who have the happy knack of finding out places that are 'far from the madding  crowd' though within a few miles of the Metropolis.

'Canvey Island, then, is close to the mouth of the Thames, on the Essex coast and if one can enjoy a holiday minus smart folks and fashionable frocks, plus some 5 miles by 2 of marsh and pasture land, of sweet salt breezes, glorious sunsets, a constant procession of the shipping of the greatest commercial river in the world, and the bed and board of a comfortable farmhouse, then by all means make your arrangements for a holiday on Canvey Island.'

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