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The Swiss House - My family moved to the Winter Gardens in 1949 and it was called 'Scott Holland House' and was rented out over a long period by various people. Mr & Mrs. Haggis who built several bungalows down Concord Road also lived there for a time. One family came over from India about 1953 and the twin daughters were appearing in 'The King and I' in London. I have a photo of the Coronation Party held in the Winter Gardens showing the twins and their older sister. The mention of the Water Tap outside 'Scott Holland House' just off the Path was used by us to get fresh water. We paid a £1 per year to the council (I think) for a key.

By Valerie Deane
On 27/04/2008

My Grandmother, Nelly Childs, first visited Canvey Island before the First World War. I remember asking her about the Winter Gardens, She said they never existed and were just advertising puff and pipe dreams of what might have been. As she walked along the Winter Gardens footpath scores of times she could hardly have failed to have noticed them if they had existed. Also there is no evidence of them on any Ordnance Survey maps of the time.

By Richard Davies
On 10/05/2008

I remember 'Scott Holland' house and visited it often to see my friends who lived there in the early 50's. They were from India and there name was Mr and Mrs Long and their 4 children...Valerie the eldest daughter, twins Joyce and Daphne (who played 2 of the children in 'The King and I' in Drury Lane) and their only son was called Peter. A wonderful family who eventually moved to London and sadly we eventually lost touch with each other a few years later.

I remember 'Lunns Stores' and cheerful Mr Lunn who whistled cheerfully all day long! My family and I lived in Church Parade from 1947-1953 and lived there during the floods.

I remember the Coronation street party that took place quite near to Lunns Stores and I wonder, where are the children and families from the Winter Gardens of those years are now?..I wonder? .... some of their names come to mind...Jean Thomas and Jean Donovan (Church Parade) Christine Askew, Barbara Wooding?(lived near to the Baptist hall where our 'Girls Life Brigade was held) The Manser family (Somnes Ave) and The Godfrey family. 'The Wicks' who were a Scots family living in Church Parade. 'Maisie Wickes' had a very loud infectious laugh and could be heard at all times during the day as she did her household chores. 'Mrs Knowler' our wonderful Sunday School teacher at the Baptist Hall.

One of our primary school teachers also lived nearby, a truly wonderful cheerful man called 'Mr Giddings' who sadly died at a very young age. He was a favourite teacher at 'The Long Road Primary School' and some of the kids would follow him to school each day and he would make each day begin happily, inspiring us to be eager to do well in class.

Happy days in a lovely neighbourhood. Most of these adults are no longer with us but those wonderful memories will live on.

By Anita Juler
On 04/04/2010

Came across your website as I was looking in Google Images of tramcars. Currently I am developing the definitive story of the Llandudno & Colwyn Bay Electric Rlwy Ltd and was very interested to see two photographs of the trams being delivered to Canvey Island. I

wonder if it would be possible to purchase copies of, or via email, the photos, one being delivered (but not the view showing the towing traction engine) and the one with the tram with trolley on the wire (I guess this was at the Brush Works). I recently found a view of two of these cars in Llandudno. They were never used in service but just for the duration of the construction of that tramway by Bruce Peebles Company and were returned to Brush after the line was opened.

Incidentally, you photo captioned "....behind the trolleybus..." should read 'behind the tramcar'. It is a tram, No63 destined for Wallasey on the Wirral, North Cheshire and is dated 1915. Congratulations on your fascinating web page. Look forward to hearing from someone in due course. Yours truly, Geoff.Price. Lancaster.

By Geoff. Price
On 06/10/2010

I remember as a boy in the early 1950's visiting my grandparents in a house called "Amsterdam". Opposite was Lunns Stores. I can recall they had a large horse used for deliveries.

By Tony Haggis
On 05/09/2014

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