Thorney Bay or Hole Haven

Wonderful view!

By Janet Penn

Taken in 1975 this photo shows how close some of the mobile homes were to the tanks next door.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Thorney Bay or Hole Haven' page

Echo Newspaper Group and the Rayleigh Town Museum

This page was added by Janet Penn on 21/02/2017.
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Is this definitely Thorney Bay ? It looks to me a little like Hole Haven Caravan Park, the post card of which famously had the storage tanks air-brushed out.

By Tony Maguire
On 21/02/2017

You could be right. It does not actually say on the back of the photo.

By Janet Penn
On 21/02/2017

It's definitely Hole Haven caravan park.

By J. Walden
On 23/02/2017

Hi Tony, I would love to see this postcard you talk of - the one with the storage tanks air-brushed out. Do you know where I could find a picture/a copy?

By Kate Monson
On 03/11/2017