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Canvey 1950's

By Janet Penn

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These pictures were sent to me by Gordon Gwilliams he spent holidays with his parents on Canvey in the 50’s and from his description of nissen huts painted black and partitioned inside sounds like it could be very early Thorney Bay Camp.

He remembers looking across the water towards the Oil Refinery, from the beach, which one would assume was the oil and gas tanks. The pictures show his parents and other members of his family sitting on what Gordon believes is Canvey Seawall.

We have had some discussion about this and we are struggling to confirm if this is or is not Canvey. Perhaps it is on one of the other Islands. One possibility we have come up with is down by the Lobster Smack.

Any thoughts please, Gordon would be grateful for any help.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Does anyone know' page
This page was added by Janet Penn on 17/06/2011.
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I can't remember any stones like those on the seawall until after the flood and then surely there would have been the steel piles,Or there being a building that close to the seawall,John.

By John Buckmaster
On 19/06/2011

They had them on the (1953) Smallgains Creek Dam without the piles - wondering if this is along smallgains creek by the houseboats?

By David Bullock
On 26/06/2011

I remember the sea wall like this in the bay, when we used to swim we used the blocks to climb out I am sure its before the floods

By Margaret
On 07/07/2011

I'm pretty sure the photo is not of Canvey sea wall,although there were blocks on some parts of the wall. The only building that was [& is] that close to the seawall on Canvey was the Lobster Smack Pub in Haven Road and that is not the Pub in the background also there was never a grass or shingle? bank facing the river at that point in fact the wall was & still is, quite steep & rocky there.

By Ian Newman
On 09/07/2011

Hmm - There was the "floating" cafe at shellbeach (seaview road) and a cafe on Thorney Bay beach. They were wooden structures though and this is a least rendered. The top of the seawall seems to be (unusually for Canvey) concreted too.

By David Bullock
On 09/07/2011

i certainly remember the canvey sea wall looking very like these photographs when i was a youngster i too remember climbing up them. i will dig out some old pics taken at canvery beach when i was a baby (late 50's) and see if there is any similarity

By roberta hepworth
On 27/09/2011

Nissan huts were 'rebuilt' in the late forties. Hawkesbury Road has some still standing.

By Kathy Mc
On 20/03/2012

I think the photos are of Jaywick, where there were buildings close to the seawall. A popular holiday resort in the 50s/60s.

By val
On 08/04/2012

I think I'll go with Val on this one.I don't think there are any buildings anywhere on the Island,even now,let alone then,that could tower over the sea wall like that.Does look like Jaywick though,spent my 21st birthday there with Bernie Bibby.Got ourselves thrown out of Jaywick Sands social club as I recall.

By Geoffrey Graydon
On 07/09/2016

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