The Beach House


By Janet Penn

When was this picture of the Beach House taken? The Morris Minor Estate in the picture was not manufactured until 1952. There are some fairly modern looking houses behind Beach House probably built 1960s or 70s. Any ideas?

Photo:The Beach House

The Beach House

Norman Chisman

This page was added by Janet Penn on 12/09/2011.
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My mother and father George and Nacy Wilson, lived in a caravan on Fred and Marys site, from 1961 till when my father died 1966, they loved it and said it was like being on holiday every day. Looking at the photo the vans look the same as my parents had, to me it looks like about that time line? my mother left two years later, she remarried while there

By Margaret
On 02/10/2011

Hi Was looking up footage of the flood and found these. Am browsing the site to show my dad later .. he was one of Fred and *Kay's* three children. The name Mary is his sister. :)

By Melina thoupos brook
On 04/02/2013

Hi Melina, my dad used to do some jobs around the site and my mum worked in the cafe when Fred first took over. Not sure if your dad is Carlos or Andrew, but please say hello from me. I haven't seen them for probably over forty years.

By Maureen Buckmaster
On 04/02/2013

Hi Melina, I was at school on Canvey with a Mary Thoupos, I think she lived at the bottom (sea end) of Seaview road. Any relation? Irene

By Irene nee Brand
On 05/02/2013

Hi Irene, Mary is Melina's aunt. Her father is Andrew Thoupos.

By Joan liddiard
On 24/10/2013

Hi. Just seen these messages - will pass on! - fyi my dad is Carlo - his brother and sister (my uncle and aunt) are Andrew and Mary. Their families still live on Canvey. x

By melina brook
On 12/02/2014

Hi Irene this is Mary, I believe I've seen you only once and recently from a distance - Joan I have seen many a time. I'm glad my neice has spotted this as I haven't been on any history pages for years for various reasons. As has been said, Andrew and I are still on the island, Carlo resides in Chigwell. We were, of course, here in the floods of '53 when my father rescued quite a number of caravanners on a raft he put together, with Carlo. Mum (who had the flu) Andrew and myself were bundled off to relatives in London until it was appropriate to return. My father died over forty years ago at 55 and my mother 10 years ago after suffering with altzheimers for a number of years. Anyone else still around on the island from my schooldays? Mary Thoupos (Lansley)

By Mary
On 12/02/2014

I worked for Carlo Thoupos in the 70s in an engineering  company in Essex.  Met his wife Marina several times as well. What a lovely couple.  Also went to the Beach House a couple of times to collect/deliver company cars and introduced to several members of the family.

Ann Hilton then Ann Gillon

By Ann Hilton (Gillon)
On 26/09/2016

I, too, worked for Carlo at G Hunter (London) Ltd in the early 1970s.  Also, once drove a company car to his home in Chigwell, where Marina gave me a big slice of chocolate cake!  A great boss - was happy there but left in 1972 to live in London, just before I got married.  Tony Law, Ann North, Janet Martin....happy memories.

By Paul Wrightson
On 13/01/2018

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