Thorney Bay Pillboxes

In photograph for the first time

By Liam Heatherson

My father found a picture of himself when he was little, in around 1977, in his brother's photo album. It shows him (James Heatherson) sitting on the old sea wall, with around three pillboxes in the background. They seem to be unusual in shape, being rather tall, with slits in the very top, and a small extension wall, used as a shielded entrance. He used to visit most years on holiday from London, before later moving to Canvey. The seawall appears to run through these pillboxes. in the very distance, another similar looking structure can be faintly seen.

This following website has an interactive map detailing the locations of Canvey's pillboxes, and other relics 'Unlocking Essex's past'.

Also, visit beyond the point for more local bunkers, pillboxes, and more...

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Thorney Bay Pillboxes' page
This page was added by Liam Heatherson on 24/10/2011.
Comments about this page

Oh No!!!! At last! The best photo I have ever seen of the Scars Elbow Defences. These were gun emplacements. If you have a high resolution scan of this I would love to examine it. Brilliant!

By David Bullock
On 24/10/2011

Perhaps you could bring the photo round on Friday Liam and I can scan it for Dave

By Janet Penn
On 24/10/2011

I will. It really is a great find!

By Liam Heatherson
On 25/10/2011

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