Sutherlands Fair Ground

What does the sign say?

By Janet Penn

On the left can be seen a sign which I am not sure what it says. I have enlarged it to see if it becomes clearer. Royal Stud of Electroic something or another. Any ideas what this is?

I can see Coxs in the distance and what is that building passed Coxs with what looks like a picture on the wall and writing on the roof looks like ?EUR'S. See enlargement below.

Photo:Sutherlands Fair 1930s

Sutherlands Fair 1930s

Photo:Royal Stud of Electroic ???

Royal Stud of Electroic ???

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Sutherlands Fair Ground' page
This page was added by Janet Penn on 06/11/2011.
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Hello This looks to me like an advert for Fremlins "Elephant ale" so possibly an off licence. I know there was one thereabouts up until at least the early 60s. The same brand was also sold on Jones parade Regards Sparrow

By Robin Howie
On 07/11/2011

Totally agree with you Robin, in fact in a recent photo on the Archive site showing the Seaview Rd frontage of Cox's Hotel(probably taken in the 60s) you can see the front window of the Cox's Stores off-licence behind a car emerging from Dovercliff Rd onto South Parade.

By Graham Stevens
On 08/11/2011

Hello The sign on the roof might be MEUX'S. A London brewery that supplied Essex and home counties. Can't be sure . Regards Sparrow

By Robin Howie
On 10/11/2011

I think you could be right

By Janet Penn
On 10/11/2011

Sutherlands Amusements in the late 20's, did have electricity, even though there was not mains electricity on the Island. Their source came from a 95 hp. Parson's petrol engine coupled to a 500kW d.c. dynamo. 

By Martin Lepley
On 29/10/2017

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