A 'Canway' Souvenir

A Present from Germany

By Robert Hallmann

Photo:A Memento from Canway-on-Sea

A Memento from Canway-on-Sea

Photo: Tessa Hallmann

Gold rimmed, it stands just 7 cm high, a small souvenir, taken home as a reminder of a day out on the seaside, or as a 'thank you' to Granny for looking after the baby?

The transfer image, however, has been put on roughly and somewhat cavalier, but the motto reads 'Deo Juvante' - with God's help. That's when it gets curious. It commemorates Canway-on-Sea, Essex.

The quartered shield shows images of the three seaxes of Essex and a three-masted barque for shipping, as well as someone's idea of the Chapman Lighthouse and what is no doubt meant to be a Dutch Cottage.

The surprise comes when we upend it: 'Germany' is stamped underneath and the number 6807. So it must have been made between or before the wars? Well, in 2008 it was part of a Father's Day present...

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'A 'Canway' Souvenir' page
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