Is this Gafzelle Drive?

St Annes to the left

By Janet Penn

Photo:Old Postcard at Leigh Beck. St Annes in the distance on the left. c1910

Old Postcard at Leigh Beck. St Annes in the distance on the left. c1910

Photo:1930's map of the area

1930's map of the area


This page was added by Janet Penn on 06/03/2012.
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Yup, definitely, the the house in the foreground is still there, although much altered(virtually re-built) in recent years and the one in the middle-ground, one time the home of the Ogg family,on the corner with Crescent Rd to all outside appearances remains in it's original form.

By Graham Stevens
On 07/03/2012

This is indeed Gafzelle Drive, it still stands today and is number 82..

By Roz
On 07/10/2014

The property in the foreground, left of the road (No 82) was called "TyserVille"

The first shed on the right was part of "Ashford", Marine Ave

Next Shed on the right was part of "Roselyn", Marine Ave.

The dark property with three windows shown to the right was "Hadleigh View"

The big white building "still is" a semi detached building the property facing us is "Gordon Villa".

The property central in the distance darker colour left of road was "White Hall".

By Martin Lepley
On 11/02/2019

Although the road is now called Gafzelle Road.

The road was actually called back then "Warrior Square" and not "Gafzelle Drive". Gafzelle ended at Crescent Road and the road was then called Warrior Square up to the sea wall.

By Martin Lepley
On 12/02/2019

I can't disagree with the map but from the end of WW2 that piece of of road from Crescent to the Seafront was Gafzelle Dve, I even remember the street sign from the late 40s(very annoying because they used an S instead of a Z in the middle.) However the AREA OF LAND south of that short bit of South Parade down to Tyserville was still colloquilly known as Warrior Square it's dominant house being Warrior Lodge which faced the Kismet orchard. I guess the powers that be must have eventually realised it was a bit stupid calling a road a square. PS. No 'Tizer the Appetizer' at Tyserville. We bought ours from Mr Collins' greengrocers at the other end of Gafzelle, lovely drink! I gather it's still available.

By Graham Stevens
On 18/02/2019

Warrior Square consisted of  the south sides of modern day Gafzelle Drive and Gainsborough Avenue (south of Crescent Road) and there was a small road that joined the two up just North of Tyserville (Number 82). That "road" is still there if you look. It is part grass and part cement.

I do not know when warrior square was consolidated in to the existing two roads.

By Martin Lepley
On 22/02/2019

I had a look today, and the photographer must have been standing on the sea wall when this picture was taken.

By Martin Lepley
On 23/02/2019

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